Beer bjórglas Lager 60cl, 4-stk

Hannað af Erika Lagerbielke

fyrir Orrefors


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Lager is a large, tulip-shaped glass that captures aroma and enhances flavour – a classic beer glass. Full-bodied and well-malted lager comes into its own in this tall glass, which also highlights fresh hop notes.
Vörunúmer: orr-6312002

Erika Lagerbielke

Erika Lagerbielke (b. 1960) is a professor of glass design and has collaborated over thirty years with Orrefors. Erika has a sensual and stylish design style with a clear sense of material understanding. – I design for the senses, says Erika. The glass should highlight the drink, have a good balance and also be a delight to the eye. The range Intermezzo is one of her very first products and one of Orrefors best-selling stemware.