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White wine glass in eco-friendly crystal  Want to have a real dinner party? Then you have to invite Crispy Madame and her partner Crispy Monsieur. With these guests at the table you surely have an perfect evening. … you could even invite your Crispy Mate! Frederik Bagger Crispy glasses are cut on a diamond wheel. The high quality of the glass guarantees long-lasting brilliance and clarity. The Crispy glass collection offers:
  • Eco-friendly crystal glass free of toxic additives
  • Dishwasher safe (glass program)
  • 10-year warranty against cloudy glass
  • FDA approved
  • Functional and elegant form
  • Diameter: 8 cm / Height: 23,5 cm (35 cl)
Vörunúmer: frb-10398

Frederik Bagger

Baggmeister.jpegIn 2014 I founded Frederik Bagger. I desired to live out my dream of creating a brand that would give the consumer a Scandinavian design developed by inspiring, functional and aesthetic products in high quality. We combine culture and modern design in the arts and crafts market; creating thereby greater content in the products through Frederik Bagger design.