Softbuck diskamotta 37x44sm, black

Hannað af Mie Lind / Bine Lind

fyrir Lind DNA


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Stærð: 37x44sm Decorative and durable table mat from Lind DNA in recycled leather. Breathe new life into your table setting with the organic idiom of the iconic DINNER MAT CURVE / LARGE. Made from our OEKO-TEX® recycled leather, the dinner mats have always been a purposeful addition to the dining table - and for every meal of life. Choose from a plethora of beautiful colours and structures to match your unique personality. Use them as they are or pair them with matching or contrasting GLASS MATS CURVE to complete the setting.
Vörunúmer: lnd-982830

Mie Lind / Bine Lind

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