Crispy vatnskarafla m/loki 1L, glær

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If you want to ensure that you and your loved ones have their daily fluid needs covered, we are here to help you: With the Crispy water carafe, you can proudly serve delicious cold drinks to your guests, whether it is at everyday or festive events. The water carafe comes with an associated lid, which makes it both elegant and functional. With the carafe's large opening it is easy to put ice cubes in, so the contents stay cold for a longer time. The design of the bottle is adapted to fit into your refrigerator door, so that you can put the bottle in the fridge with ease.

The Crispy bottle offers:

  • Eco-friendly crystal glass free of toxic additives
  • Dishwasher safe (glass program)
  • 10-year warranty against cloudy glass
  • FDA approved
  • Functional and elegant form
  • Diameter: 8.1 cm / Height: 23.8 cm (1000 ml)
Vörunúmer: frb-10565

Frederik Bagger

Baggmeister.jpegIn 2014 I founded Frederik Bagger. I desired to live out my dream of creating a brand that would give the consumer a Scandinavian design developed by inspiring, functional and aesthetic products in high quality. We combine culture and modern design in the arts and crafts market; creating thereby greater content in the products through Frederik Bagger design.