Hurricane vasi Ø8sm h9sm, kristall


fyrir Skogsberg & Smart

12.500kr. 10.000kr.

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Crystal collection are our most prestigious lamps in 100% Bohemian crystal, magnificently cut by skilled bohemian craftsmen. Their design of the deep cuts is somewhat anarchic, but playing on the vintage design and formality of cut crystal as we know it. The Crystal Lamps come in size Small, Medium and Large and they are made in clear and black crystal.
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our_story-465x1979.pngSkogsberg & Smart is a dynamic, innovative luxury goods company specialized in creating bespoke home accents. Founded in 2008 with the launch of the signature hand blown Hurricane Lamp, Skogsberg & Smart has since created a number of exquisite glass pieces to compliment any sophisticated environment. The intricate, daring designs are made by highly skilled artisans in the Czech territory of Bohemia, home of the world’s most famous glass blowers. All of Skogsberg & Smart’s pieces are hand blown and hand painted, ensuring that each and every one is unique and original. The eponymous company is owned by Magnus Skogsberg and Mimmi Smart; with over 30 years of combined creative experience in the advertising- and media fields they established Skogsberg & Smart to channel their own ingenuity.