Cube ilmglas og strá 500ml, serengeti

Hannað af Ilse Vandeputte

fyrir ONNO



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Bring a unique experience into your home with the gorgeous scent of this Serengeti diffuser from ONNO. Serengeti is a restorative blend of fresh herbs with a subtile touch of vanilla and flower notes. Housed in a lovely ONNO designed, hand-cut glass, this ONNO diffuser is beautiful in its simplicity. Enjoy the calming aroma of vanilla With the contrasty liveliness of fresh grass and herbs – Serengeti takes you to the African plains with its unique scent. This Serengeti diffuser brings a breath of fresh air to your life. This diffuser is handmade in Belgium and is delivered in a luxury black gift box.
Vörunúmer: onn-onrcuse

Ilse Vandeputte