No 31oak piece Ø15 h19sm, nature

Hannað af Mikkel Karlshøj

fyrir Ro


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Vörunúmer: ro-rg1004

Mikkel Karlshøj

"To capture nature in a product is important for me. Wood represent time and the beautiful veins in the wood is a work of art in itself. Often I find my self wanting to stop in the middle of the process to preserve that exact image of the moment." Mikkel Karlshøj is a versatile artist who masters different art forms and materials. Lately he has engaged all his passion into woodturning, a craft which he masters to perfection after dedicated training. After working as a glassblower at Swedish Kosta Boda he finished his bachelor in glass design at The Academy of Fine Arts in Bornholm. His approach to his work comes from a deep love for craftmanship, materials and the surounding nature. Oak pieces are Mikkel's first objects for Ro.