Baobab L vasi Ø21sm h25sm, grey

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Vörunúmer: gua-1732gr


The design of our products is based on a philosophy that both intuitively and consciously leaves its mark on the experience of form. Cultural inspiration, the preservation of manual skills and the effort to create objects which have an organic effect are closely interwoven during this process. The search for a new shape is a process that requires further explanation. The origin of a new form is situated somewhere between a pool of forms inspired by nature or culture, the process of experience and a spontaneous idea. Starting from this spiritual moment, the evolution of form continues all the way through the visual dimension of draft to the physical experience of the hands while moulding the model form. This, however, is not the end; the object has to undergo one more procedure to arrive at its final form. At this point, the artisan joins in this process by working on the material. It is crucial to note that the characteristics of the material are not in contrast with the manual processing, and that surfaces are not just additional decor. In fact, the surface becomes an integral part of the object without leaving a cold and functional impression. If this succeeds, truly individual forms begin to develop: Design as an event in itself!