Gry vasi breiður 19cm, Clear

Hannað af Tim Torp Hansen, Five Seven

fyrir Cooee Design



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The Gry series is made of mouth blown glass which makes each piece unque. The collection contains tree vases and one tealight, all in three different colors. "Rich is detail, the Gry vases are elegant sculptures that elevates the flowers and water placed inside and plays with the daylight in Its structured surface and color. The candleholder takes the light from the wick lit inside and turns it into a beautiful pattern projected onto the surface on which it stands. The inspiration for the shape comes from the trunk of trees. Starting from the ground you can see the beginning of the roots before turning more round in shape further up. Gry, meaning dawn in Danish, has different word associations, as it is also a play on the word “gro” which means “to grow”. - Designed by Tim Torp Hansen, Five Seven Material: Glass Measurements (cm): W:10, L:24, H:19 Weight: ~ 2500g Design: Tim Torp Hansen, Five Seven Designed: 2022
Vörunúmer: coo-th-05-02-cl

Tim Torp Hansen, Five Seven