Hurricane vasi Ø17sm h25sm, amber

Hannað af Rebecca Uth

fyrir Ro



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The spacious inner of the Hurricane allows the candle to burn with a steady flame, regardless if it has been placed indoor or outside. Hurricane is mouth blown in a light quality of glass. In this technique smaller air bubbles might appear in the crystal glass and the intensity in colour may vary.
Vörunúmer: ro-rd1034015

Rebecca Uth

“The human being is the focal point of everything I do. I want to seduce, wonder and change people through objects. To me, design must relate to the body and soul and must be felt, tasted and seen – sometimes unexplained and on an inaccessible level, sometimes just an everyday wonder.” Rebecca Uth established Ro in 2013 and is creative Director of the company. In her role as artistic director, she works closely with the selected designers to curate a holistic and innovative collection that manifests Ro’s universe. A universe that focuses on the artistic process and on objects that only becomes more beautiful with time. Rebecca Uth is trained as an industrial designer at the Danish Design and designs herself products for the collection.