Council gangaborð

Hannað af Dennis Marquart

fyrir Ox Denmarq
122x45sm h75sm / Black base / Indio gree
White Carrara
Nero Marquina
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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MEASURES H 75 W 122 D 45 Marble top 122x45 Marble middle 108x31 Marble tops are to be placed directly on the metal frame. Table tops in Carrara Marble, Black Marquina or Green Indio will exhibit natural variations in terms of colour, drawings and patterns characteristic for each type of marble. As for Carrara Marble, small cracks can sometimes be found on the polished surface. This phenomenon known as “taroli” is a natural characteristic of the stone, which cannot be eliminated completely.
Vörunúmer: ox-counsp

Dennis Marquart