Dany sófaborð

Hannað af Flexform

fyrir Flexform
Ø40sm h46sm / Lituð hnota eða nature
Ø57sm h53sm / Lituð hnota eða nature
Ø120sm h35sm / Lituð hnota eða nature
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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Entirely made of solid wood, the DANY round tables have an asymmetrical base that gives them a unique character. The three slender legs are not equidistant from one another, giving the object a dynamic, poised look, more original and less banal than other wooden tables. The off-center arrangement and the crosspieces joining the legs make DANY a striking feature in any living room.
Vörunúmer: flx-danysp



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