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fyrir Poliform
116x116sm h35sm / Áklæðisflokkur B
Áklæðisflokkur C
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Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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A modern interpretation of a classic of timeless style. Gant pouf, design Vittorio Prato, is a proposal of contemporary elegance. The sofas and armchairs collection: in the living area there is a full coherence between modular systems, complements and the elements dedicated to comfort. Collaborating with prestigious international designers, Poliform completes its offer with a variety of proposals that underline versatility. a series of different armchairs and sofas, able to explore a wide range of aesthetical approaches and to become part of a full “Home project”, where every piece of furniture matches with the other, in a highly harmonious interior design project. Structure: wood and wood by-products. Seat padding in multi-density polyurethane foam. Pre-covering in polyester padding. Final covering in not removable fabric or leather.

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CR&S Poliform

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