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Hannað af Rafa García

fyrir Sancal
Áklæðisflokkur A
Áklæðisflokkur E
Leðurflokkur P60
220sm / Áklæðisflokkur B
Áklæðisflokkur A
Áklæðisflokkur E
Leðurflokkur P60
250sm / Áklæðisflokkur B
Áklæðisflokkur A
Áklæðisflokkur E
Leðurflokkur P60
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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With clean, rational lines, Tiptoe takes contemporary pieces one step forward. A design based on a philosophy of simplicity and functionality, it is a sofa that can be used with different styles to create calm, serene environments. The slim legs give the piece its name, a model that is quiet, subtle, light and nimble, as if it were tip-toeing around the living room. As well as setting off the design, the legs provide a sophisticated touch in either of their finishes: copper or graphite. Tiptoe is irresistibly cosy. Its studied depth, variety of modules and various types of arm, mean that it can be configured to fit into any home. The use of fibre and memory foam in its cushions makes this one of our most comfortable products. Wallow in scatter cushions by adding extra deep modules or a chaise longue.

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Vörunúmer: snc-tiptoesp

Rafa García

rafagarcia.jpgRafa is part of the creative heart of Sancal. Creator of classical pieces for Sancal such as Air and Eleva and the recent and successful Happen and Rock, this season he returns with a slightly retro elements for Folk and Soul collections, and proposes playing with shapes and textures offered by Patchwork.

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