Clip stóll

Hannað af Tom Stepp

fyrir Kristensen & Kristensen
B: 54sm H:75sm / Askur 12 litir / áklæði
leður Sigma
Eik 12 litir / áklæði Capture
leður Sigma
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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With the CLIP chair, Tom Stepps vision were to create a dining chair with excelent comfort without compro- mising the chairs visual appearence. Tom Stepp’s designs are light and humorous yet characterized by strong graphical lines and well executed roundings. Clip chair is no exception to this characterization. It is perfectly balanced in a very harmonic way, as it has some volume without being to dominating around the diningtable. The chair wraps beautifully around you and the big cushioned seat creates an embrac- ing chair that you do not want to leave.
Vörunúmer: krk-clipsp

Tom Stepp

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