Veifa stóll

Hannað af Studio Nur

fyrir Kristensen & Kristensen
B: 62sm H:76sm / Askur 12 litir / áklæði
leður Sigma
Eik 12 litir / áklæði Capture
leður Sigma
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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Based on architectural principles and the Scandina- vian tradition, the VEIFA Chair is an innovative take on a timeless idiom. The curved backrest embraces and supports the body, while the harmonic shape is an approach to the minimalistic design idea of “less is more”. Attracted to its elegant curves, this chair is an eye-catching piece of furniture that brings a light expression and yet a strong and solid construction. VEIFA is the Icelandic word for waves and curves which is the essential detail of the chair design.
Vörunúmer: krk-veifasp

Studio Nur

STUDIO NUR.png"The design I create is always characterized by its sculptural, simple expression and clean lines. I am fascinated by the different steps in the design process from the very first sketch to the final product combined with a great passion for functional design

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