Abate rúmteppi 140x240sm, White

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Abate's bedspreads are made in Italy from 100% recycled wool. It is a thin, fine wool that is soft against the skin and a beautiful fabric contrast to the bedding.

Use it to complement a white bedding set, as a contrast to the colours of the bed or as a beautiful blanket on the sofa. There is a larger blanket than usual to reach around the foot end of the bed, or it is perfect to wrap yourself in on the sofa.

Vörunúmer: aba-135

Kristian and Leo

We believe in a few basic principles: That products with good quality, high comfort and good design should not cost a fortune.

We are two friends and pilot colleagues who discovered how difficult it was to find good bedding at a fair price. As pilots a central part of our professional lives included sleeping in hotels around the world, and with a professional focus on sleep quality we came to learn the importance of good bedding. We were surprised to discover that it was difficult to find well made basics.

With a technical background and interest we channeled our resources into learning about natural materials and production methods. We understood that it was possible to produce something noticeably better than what is offered today, and at a better price.

We specialize in high quality materials and personal service. It is important to us that we produce ethically with consideration for those who produce for us and that we show consideration for the environment by making long lasting products. To keep prices low we bring the product directly from the factory to you as a customer and choose lower margins for ourselves. That way we offer a product where you first and foremost pay for the craft - not the brand.

Kristian and Leo