Zet skenkur 150sm h85sm, C15-2

Hannað af Riis Interior

fyrir Kristensen & Kristensen


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Riis Interior

Riis Interior.pngRiis Interior were missing a furniture concept consisting of tables, consoles, cabinets, chairs, etc. for a larger customer group where the price is also important. In addition to the functional design, the choice of materials and dimensions were also taken into account in the development of the ZET range. With the ZET concept and its flexible choices between oak or ash, metal or wood frame as well as a wide range of colors and finishes, we can today supply table and matching furniture that is customized to the client's lifestyle, at a competitive price. "At Riis Interior we value our cooperation with K&K. They offer a great combination of design, quality and price, something we have previously struggled to find. It is inspiring to collaborate with K&K, who is keen on further development and has a genuine desire to be able to deliver the right products " –