Venice teppi 130x190sm, white/latte

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Venice is a wonderful light, soft and airy throw with delicate eyelash fringes. The throw is double-faced and the douche colour palette and the sumptuous textures gives this beauty an incredibly fine, delicate and delicious expression. The throw is made from the amazingly soft sustainable alpaca & sheep wool. Weaving textiles of alpaca fibres is a Peruvian tradition that can be traced back to the Inca times. Alpaca fibres are soft, durable and offer more warmth than other natural fibres. Pilling is at an absolute minimum and the throw will maintain a fresh and new look for a long time. The throw is made of 100% sustainable fibres. Elvang is fair trade certified at the highest possible level within the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) as Guaranteed Member. This guarantees that the throw is woven under responsible conditions for both the environment, humans and animals. Material: 74% superfine alpaca wool & 26% sheep wool Weight: app. 600 gram Size: 130x190 cm / 51x75 inches
Vörunúmer: elv-6152