Stoff kerti h29sm, 6 stk, champagne

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Champagne is our most exclusive candle colour yet. Wanting to evoke a feeling of luxury and extravagance we decided to launch the Champagne taper candle. The ivory champagne colour is hand-dyed with a special glittery surface that will make any setting stand out. Use for special occasions such as New Years, weddings or if you are having guests. The exclusive, hand-colored STOFF taper candles by Danish Ester & Erik have a long and tapered shape with a cone-shaped bottom to make them fit perfectly in the STOFF Nagel candle holders. The candles do not drip, are self-extinguishing and burn out slowly and elegantly so that no residues are left in your candle holders. The candles are made of pure paraffin wax, a pure mineral product cleansed of impure particles. Furthermore paraffin wax has the smallest carbon footprint and the least environmental impact of all waxes. The cotton wicks are made of 100% cotton, which has a lower impact on the indoor-climate than traditional wicks, as fewer particles are released. Quantity: 6 candles per package. Burning time: 4 hours per candle. Dimensions: h: 29 cm d: 1,3 cm
Vörunúmer: stf-36019

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