Balloon vasi #03 Ø35sm h40sm, smoke

Hannað af Louise Roe

fyrir Louise Roe



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Balloon vase serien fra LOUISE ROE er lavet i mundblæst glas. Vaser er mundblæst på en gammel glaspuste fabrik i Polen, som har lang og gammel tradition for at producere mundblæst glas. Vaserne har en skulpturelt og karakteristisk rund form, der fungere perfekt med både buketter, grene eller bare alene. Balloon vase serien findes i tre størrelser, der alle kommer i en bred vifte af sofistikeret farver.  

• Ø13-35 H40

• Mundblæst glas

• Farver der aldrig falmer

Vörunúmer: lou-10515-3-76

Louise Roe

lousie.jpgLOUISE ROE COPENHAGEN is an interior design company located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The designer Louise Roe established the company in 2010. LOUISE ROE COPENHAGEN celebrates the sincerity and elegance of authentic materials and bringing out their true grace. In the mix of chosen pure materials combined with the specially selected tones, you will find the love for aesthetic, high quality and good craftsmanship, which the designer Louise Roe has a strong passion for. LOUISE ROE COPENHAGEN is sophisticated simplicity, with a touch of architecture and graphic lines, all with a final touch of what Danish design is known for. Every piece in our collection has a story to tell... Please enjoy