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The STOFF LED taper candles by Uyuni Lighting stand tall under the same principles of design and purpose. All of the beauty, with none of the harm. In terms of longer durability, better indoor climate and safety, the STOFF LED taper candles are the essential choice for your STOFF candle holders. They are made with a 3D patented electronic flame that gently flickers, creating a soft and inviting light in your home as a real living flame. Also, the candles are made with a Virgin Paraffin Wax surface to make them stand beautifully and authentic in the candle holders.


The candles are battery-powered and can be controlled using the built-in 6-hour timer or remote control (sold separately). If you want to switch off the candles before the build-in 6-hour timer without using the remote control, you unscrew the bottom of the candles to loosen the batteries.

Batteries and remote control sold seperately.  

Ath: Ekki er mælt með batteríum frá Duracell. Mælt er með notkun AAAA battería frá STOFF Nagel /Uyuni, Energizer eða VARTA. Prófanir hafa sýnt að Duracell batteríin virka ekki vel með LED kertunum frá Uyuni.


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