Cape ilmglas og strá 500ml, sage

Hannað af Ilse Vandeputte

fyrir ONNO


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Set your senses on fire with the aromatic aroma of Sage. The Sage-scented diffuser from the ONNO collection is a delicate balance of ginger, green tea, and fresh herbal notes. Contained within an ONNO designed, hand-cut glass this candle is delicious – the spicy scent of ginger blends with smooth herbal fragrances and the cooling scent of green tea to create a true scented classic. The distinctive scent of ONNO Sage brightens any room, from the kitchen to the bedroom. Enjoy Sage with its individual fragrance for hours and hours of pleasure. This diffuser is handmade in Belgium and is delivered in a luxury black gift box.
Vörunúmer: onn-onrcsssa

Ilse Vandeputte