Eternal ilmkerti L Ø17 h20sm, Ginger Fig

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Sit back and breathe in the smooth scent of Ginger Fig-perfumed candles and diffusers from the ONNO Collection. With its delicate notes of citrus fruit and spice, Ginger Fig is presented in an ONNO Collection designed, handmade glass that lifts your home to the next level. The captivating scent of this Ginger Fig candle is packed with citrus punch and a spicy note that introduces a luxury scent into your home. Perfect to create a unique smell in your home. The Ginger Fig candle and diffuser provide hours of subtle fragrance and an enchanting natural glow.

After a long working day, you arrive home and relax with the empathic fragrance accords of fresh green notes and spicy ginger. A nature feeling appears in your room and the stressful day ends in a harmonic relaxed moment.

This candle is handmade in Belgium with exclusive perfumes, special pure wax and 100% cotton wicks. It is delivered in a luxury black gift box. Please note that due to the hand pouring process of the wax, small imperfections may appear on the surface, these impurities will disappear once the candle is burnt.

Estimated burning time: 300 hrs.

Vörunúmer: onn-on703g

Ilse Vandeputte