Sphere ilmglas og strá 500ml, zanzibar

Hannað af Ilse Vandeputte

fyrir ONNO


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Enjoy the spice of life with this exquisite fragrance inspired by the natural Zanzibar landscape. Zanzibar is packaged in an ONNO designed, hand-cut glass and offers a luxuriously scented blend of green herbs and woody spices. The scent of Zanzibar is rich and complex, with deep wood notes below fresh and fragrant herbal tones. Zanzibar is the ideal diffuser for your home with its natural beauty and the naturally beautiful scent of herbs and spices. Enjoy this revitalizing fragrance blend at any time. Zanzibar is an herbal classic. This diffuser is handmade in Belgium and is delivered in a luxury black gift box.
Vörunúmer: onn-onrspz

Ilse Vandeputte