Frodig vasi, Hazelnut

Hannað af Anders Pfeffer Gjendal

fyrir Cooee Design


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The Frodig vase has a matt, soft surface, which also has become a hallmark for the brand. Every vase is handmade and hand painted, making every piece unique.   ”We are fascinated by geometry, system and symmetry, but it is easier to get a tenderness for soft curves and lines. It became the backdrop for this shapely and lush series. Not created in a drawing program, but first by hand in wood with simple tools.” - Designer Anders Pfeffer Gjendal   The vase is beautiful to mix with other product in the living collection such as trays and candlesticks.   Material: Ceramic Measurements (cm): W:9, L:18, H:20 Weight: ~ 700g Design: Anders Pfeffer Gjendal
Vörunúmer: coo-ag-07-01-hn

Anders Pfeffer Gjendal