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Hannað af Jaime Jurado

fyrir Novocuadro


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Elegance I is a painting created by the artist Jaime Juardo. Size 116x89.   An abstract painting with a modern style and innovative design, handmade with torn paper and framed in a methacrylate box. Its white texture with a hint of black, given by the strip at the top, makes it perfectly adaptable to environments with a modern style, which reflects its simple and minimal soul. Choose it to furnish your living rooms, bedrooms, offices, giving it harmony and modernity.
Vörunúmer: nc-11689ei

Jaime Jurado

In his paintings reality is mixed as it is, incorporating prudent subjective brushstrokes and newspaper clippings, where sometimes you can read a word that the landscape would like to whisper from far away. The works of Jaime Jurado have an enormous wealth in terms of aesthetic quality, based on an objective reality that filters through to reach the state of serenity transmitted by his works. He has done a great number of works using a wide repertoire of mixed techniques, which include the introduction of collages, to give development to large format works, very expressive and impressive.

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