PERFILES CUERO II listaverk 62x62sm

Hannað af J. CEBRIÁN

fyrir Novocuadro



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Hand painted artwork by J. Cebrián on paper with glass size 62 x 62 cm; the perfect composition to manifest an authentic originality and a defined style, filled with unmistakable quality and a distinct personality.
Vörunúmer: nc-6262pcii


Juan Manuel Álvarez Cebrián is a master of technique, and a prolific disciplined artist. He is a tireless painter faithful to the brushstroke. In his photo-realistic works; landscapes, animals, and the study of simple shapes and textures take precedence. Cebrián captures the everyday world from an almost dreamlike vision, using hyperrealism to surrealism and symbolism. His landscapes, apparently simple, contain a kind of magic realism, and his portraits reveal fascinating personalities.

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