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Architect and designer Sig Bergamin is known for his eclectic vision and vivid interiors that are the perfect mélanges of chic. A constant traveller, Bergamin loves collecting treasures wherever he goes—totems that inspire and evolve his craft. He is also an avid art collector, a tendency that comes across in each of his meticulously designed spaces, where Warhols, Hirsts and Lichtensteins are seamlessly blended with minimalist and maximalist decor from around the world. A vibrant tour of twelve interiors from Brazil to Portugal, Art Life not only celebrates Bergamin’s diverse style, but also highlights his steadfast appreciation for art and history. The result is a kaleidoscopic oeuvre of interiors that serve as cultured dialogues between the comfort of home and the world at large.


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Dimensions 25 × 3.8 × 33 cm
Cover Hardcover
Pages 304
ISBN 9781614289562
Vörunúmer: nm-as1228