Frida Kahlo: The Masterworks – Bók

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An ideal introduction to the painter s work, this volume features over 100 of Kahlo s most beloved paintings illustrating all aspects of her diverse oeuvre including works from both private and public collections many rarely seen in public. The best and most important Frida Kahlo paintings are showcased here to coincide with a global event an immersive exhibition of her masterworks that will travel widely. The accuracy of the newly commissioned reproductions and their fidelity to the original pieces are so astounding that this is a must have book for Kahlo s legion of fans as well as for exhibition visitors. Included are paintings from private collections that are rarely shown in public in addition to popular favourites, which makes the contents fresh, varied, and engaging. Author Roxana Velasquez, the world s foremost Kahlo authority, provides insight into the artist s persona and work, and is also coordinating the exhibition.

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