Arc sófaborð

Hannað af Toan Nguyen

fyrir Wendelbo
Ø50sm h41sm
Ø75sm h35sm
Ø100sm h28sm
Afhendingartími: 2-4 vikur

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REFINED GEOMETRY Designed by Toan Nguyen, Arc is composed of geometric shapes united into a sculptural table. The collection includes three tables of differing heights and radii, available in two colour combinations: brass coated steel base with tempered smoked glass tabletop or black burnished steel base with tabletop in black tempered glass. TRANSLUCENT ARC Juxtaposing the solid base and the lightness of the slightly translucent tabletop, Arc prompts a contemporary take on the well-known typology. The dark glass simultaneously reflects the surroundings while revealing the sculptural silhouette of the base whilst the subtle polishing along the edge of the tabletop adds the finishing touches.


Vörunúmer: wen-arcsp

Toan Nguyen


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