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Hannað af Jon Gasca

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Eclipse table collection brings the organic shapes of nature into our homes. Eclipse sofa tables: the organic shapes found in nature have inspired the Eclipse nesting tables. Eclipse is composed of four tables of different shapes, sizes and heights. The smaller tables can be concealed under the larger ones and effectively disappear, just like a natural eclipse. The table shapes compliment each other and can be combined to make free flowing combinations that are unique and ever changing. Eclipse tables allow personal creativity. The Eclipse tables are a contemporary interpretation of the traditional nesting tables. Eclipse, an essential design whose fundamental nature is expressed by the personality and generosity of its forms. DESIGNER: Jon Gasca
Vörunúmer: stu-eclisp

Jon Gasca

jongasca.jpgJon Gasca was born in San Sebastian, he got his degree as industrial Engineer. He has been following the design line that Jesus Gasca the founder of STUA started many years ago. Jon works as designer and art director for STUA furniture company. For STUA he has edited the books "A Simple Way", "Travel Journal" and he oversees all graphic design for the company. In addition, he is designs the exhibition stands for STUA at trade fairs worldwide and designed the interiors of the STUA showrooms. A different part of his work is devoted to the contemporary photography and more specifically to abstraction. You can see his works in: Jon Gasca is the editor of several blogs: STUA blog: Jon Gasca photoblog: Love Spain blog: Timeless Design blog: Contemporary Art blog:

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