RB582 hægindastóll

Hannað af Labsdesign

fyrir Rolf Benz
Stóll - 75x84sm h109sm - áklæði 11
leður 36
*uppfærsla í star base
Skemill - 61x45sm h44sm - áklæði 11
leður 36
*uppfærsla í star base
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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The Rolf Benz MEG lounge chair provides space for a creative break. With a high-quality frame. Brilliantly ergonomic and stylish at the same time. This is how this timeless comfort chair with its classic cross or star base defends its excellent position in any living space and ambience.

  An effortless look that’s hard to beat. Although not a classic functional chair, the organically formed Rolf Benz MEG offers an impressively unique combination of functions: an innovative rocking mechanism with integrated height adjustment. A space for ideas where anyone can retreat. The especially soft relax chair with its conical design adapts both to a modern interior style and the individual requirements of its user. For all those who like to put their feet up, the matching Rolf Benz MEG stool is also available. Height adjustable. Rocking function. Down to earth. Sitting back and relaxing has never felt more pleasant. Letting go has never felt so secure. It’s the intrinsic values such as high-quality components and Made in Germany workmanship that make Rolf Benz MEG what it means to its owners. Designed by Hamburg design studio Labs Design, Rolf Benz MEG is a real gem in contemporary living – a synonym for a relaxed attitude towards life. Product features of Rolf Benz MEG - Lounge chair with an innovative combination of functions (rocking mechanism & height adjustable) - A combination of different (internal & external) cover materials is possible - Optional legs: chair finished in RAL 9017 Traffic black, polished chrome or aluminium finished in RAL 9017 Traffic black. - Dimensions: total width 75 cm, total depth 84 cm, height 109-149 cm, seat height 41-47 cm, seat depth 52 cm - Made in Germany - Design: labsdesign  
Vörunúmer: rb-582sp


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