Tortuga hægindastóll

Hannað af Nadadora

fyrir Sancal
86x94sm h109sm / áklæði Infinity (3)
áklæði flauel / Highland (6)
áklæði Steelcut Trio (7)
leður P5 (10)
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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We admire the slow, stately pace of a tortoise and envy its long life. That’s why, when design studio Nadadora took on the brief to come up with a timeless design, a chair that we dream of as we plod back home, inspiration from this unique animal reared its head. The idea steams from a shell that we can withdraw into, immersing ourselves in a good novel or drifting off to sleep… Its formal simplicity is something of an expression of the studio’s calm personality, although the choice of textiles can add contrasting exuberance. A tortoise carries its home with it, so our Tortuga, as the chair has been named in Spanish, is warm, cosy, soft and even rotates. A true slow-lounge-chair. The collection has been completed with rotating lounge chairs, poufs and tables. Different fabrics can be used on the back and seating area of chairs, headrests and poufs. We have put together five colour combinations to make ordering easier: Deep Blue, Eme¬rald, Autumn, Polar and Mist, mixing original fabrics by Febrik and Raf Simons for Kvadrat. The collection has been completed with rotating lounge chairs, poufs and tables.
Vörunúmer: snc-tortsp


nadadori.jpgNadadora was founded by Isaac Piñeiro and Cristina Alonso. Their work comes from a relationship which is necessary between the different disciplines of design. The precedence in their projects and way of working ensures conceptual honesty and simplicity; it is to communicate spontaneously in order to develop immediate projects. Nadadora has collaborated with firms such as Sagen Ceramics, La Murrina, Ferrero Italia, Serralunga or Balvi. The studio has recently been given an award by Corolla - a projected design for Nutella; they have also been selected for the exhibition Serie Fuori Serie by the Triennale Design Museum of Milan. They have surprised us yet again with the Tab collection, one cannot remain indifferent.

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