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Hannað af Paolo Grasselli

fyrir Saba
Baby Geo 75x80sm / C-E áklæði
Extra áklæði
VIP áklæði
Uppfærsla í matt brass grind
Geo 90x82sm / C-E áklæði
Extra áklæði
VIP áklæði
Uppfærsla í matt brass base
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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Sometimes a name can say a lot, sometimes it says everything. Geo is an all rounded armchair, the protagonist in a home. It’s generous without invading space, welcoming without being suffocating and soft without being informal.  Thanks to its unique design Geo is voluminous yet light, like a nest suspended in air held up by small branches. The proportions have been designed with upmost attention. Every detail has been carefully studied to give life to a special object where the main volume of the seat and the very light volume of the legs find a unique harmony together. The metallic structure adds a luxurious feel to the object and is made for easy cleaning. Fully removable covers.
Vörunúmer: sab-gehsp

Paolo Grasselli

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