Nido hægindastóll

Hannað af Rafa García

fyrir Sancal
69x73x73sm / sled base / áklæði Infinity
áklæði flauel / Highland (6)
áklæði Steelcut Trio (7)
leður P5 (10)
m/tréfótum / áklæði Infinity (3)
áklæði flauel / Highland (6)
áklæði Steelcut Trio (7)
leður P5 (10)
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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Nestle into this small armchair! Nido, Spanish for nest, means home to a number of species and inspired Rafa García to create this small armchair. The seat or “nest” is supported by a hand-crafted ash wood frame. The upper part provides “branches” into which a comfortable seat is fixed. The upholstery is available in two versions: a soft, loose version with a zip that makes it easy to remove the fabric on the seating area, or a tight, fixed version. The back and sides of the upholstered area are tailored to show off the chair’s lines whereas the seating area is soft and cosy. As the chair has a zip or piping to separate the seat from the back and sides, it is possible to choose two different fabrics.
Vörunúmer: snc-28851sp

Rafa García

rafagarcia.jpgRafa is part of the creative heart of Sancal. Creator of classical pieces for Sancal such as Air and Eleva and the recent and successful Happen and Rock, this season he returns with a slightly retro elements for Folk and Soul collections, and proposes playing with shapes and textures offered by Patchwork.

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