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Hannað af Emil Thorup

fyrir Handvark
95x45 h47sm / Black base / Black Leather
Category 2 Leather
Stainless base / Black Leather
Category 2 Leather
140x45 h47sm / Black base / Black Leathe
Category 2 Leather
Stainless base / Black Leather
Category 2 Leather
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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Vörunúmer: han-piasp

Emil Thorup

EmilThorup_Portraet-02-1272x1765.jpg31-year old autodidactic designer and architect. Since childhood, Emil Thorup has shown great passion for aesthetics and design. Alongside with his career in TV he has – since 2013 – been affiliated with the Danish owned, award winning practice LW Design, with offices in Hong Kong and Dubai. He has sketched hotel lobbies and restaurants, developed furniture and is currently part of the design-team behind the renovation of the legendary ’Le Royal Meridien Hotel’ in Dubai. Most recently he has designed a number of sofas for ‘Sofakompagniet’, which are sold in 8 different countries. He has also developed a number of luxurious villas for the prefab giant ’Kalmar Living’ under the name of ‘Nordic Noir’. The dream of having his own furniture brand has been a driving force for decades and with HANDVÄRK this dream has finally come true.

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