Peek spegill

Hannað af Elina Ulvio

fyrir Northern
Oval 40x60sm
Oval 40x140sm
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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A single glance at the Peek series of gleaming mirrors is enough to see how they add eye-catching details to their surroundings. Their glass surfaces have been coated to imbue reflections with a silvery sheen. The Peek series offers smaller, decorative mirrors and larger designs that reflect more of the surroundings. There are four versions of Peek to choose from: a round mirror available in two sizes, and an oval mirror made in two sizes. All versions are bordered by matt black frames that form crisp outlines around the glass. The glass does not fill the frame entirely, forming an open space that creates a compelling design detail. The wall fixtures are multi-directional, making it possible to hang the mirrors in vertical and lateral directions. Peek reflects the need for arty accessories that do more than just decorate a room.
Vörunúmer: nl-peeksp

Elina Ulvio

With a background in architecture, Elina has an intuitive understanding of spatial design. Her works are made for the interior and characterised by strong geometric forms and innovative details. Some of Elina’s designs are accented by integrated lighting; others are designed with the ability to move or rotate. From her studio in Helsinki, Elina has won awards and gained recognition far beyond Finland’s borders. Some of her furniture designs are described as functional art, characterised by artistic sensibilities and a multifunctional approach. Northern’s accessories collection includes a two Avant-garde mirrors designed by Elina. The glass is coated to imbue reflections with a silvery sheen and diffuse the light around it.

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