Verto spegill

Hannað af AYTM

fyrir AYTM
120x45sm / Rainbow
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The VERTO mirror is a product with more than thepractical purposes of a mirror. It is a piece ofwall art, challenging the perception of the vieweras its reflections elegantly transform when youpass by it. With the rainbow colour option, themirror playfully brightens up the surroundingspace in a deeply sophisticated manner. For a moretoned down look the mirror is available in asmoke/gold combination.


Behind the new brand AYTM is the couple Kathrine and Per Gran Hartvigsen who has successfully run the company Gran Living ApS since 2004. Ever since its foundation, the company has designed and imported quality home interior for leading furniture chains and has extensive experience with trend spotting, development of its own designs, and production of interior for the home. This experience should now prove beneficial in the establishment of AYTM.