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Hannað af Steffensen & Würtz

fyrir Kristensen & Kristensen
100x42sm h50/71sm
160x42sm h40/61sm
160x42sm h50/71sm
208x42sm h40/61sm
208x42sm h50/71sm
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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Vörunúmer: krk-akustiksp

Steffensen & Würtz

The danish designduo Thomas Steffensen and Pia Würtz has since 2010 worked as independent designers with furniture, interior design and product development. They are both trained industrial designers from Aalborg University and known for their user-orientated approach to design. Their design often has a characteristic look, an exciting angle or an elegant stature – all in a way that makes sense both functionally, technically and aesthetically. — STEFFENSEN & WÜRTZ Furniture designers