Arizona skenkur

Hannað af Alessio Bassan

fyrir Cattelan Italia
111x45sm h59sm
166x45sm h59sm
222x45sm h59sm
111x45sm h74sm
166x45sm h74sm
222x45sm h74sm
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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The Arizona design sideboard created by Alessio Bassan is embellished with two types of brushed finishes, handmade by skilled craftsmen. The Arizona model has a fine Brushed finish, which decorates the doors with delicate metallic scratches, while the Arizona Crossing model is finished with a weft and warp pattern that resembles a weave on the fabric, giving greater three-dimensionality. Almost suspended in the living area and supported by discreet painted steel feet, available in two heights and in different sizes, this modern sideboard features an extra-clear painted glass top and internal wooden shelves with matching shades, perfect for maximising functionality and capacity.
Vörunúmer: cat-arisp

Alessio Bassan

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