Pandora skenkur

Hannað af Jean-Marie Massaud

fyrir Poliform
191,5x71,4sm d. 52sm / Mattlakkað 32 lit
Spessart eik
234,2x51,4sm d. 52sm / Mattlakkað 32 lit
Spessart eik
250,2x71,4sm d. 52sm / Mattlakkað 32 lit
Spessart eik
100x130sm d. 52sm / Mattlakkað 32 litir
Spessart eik
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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Pandora, the new sideboards collection designed by Jean-Marie Massaud enables endless combinations of shapes and colours. Colour touches hide and reveal themselves as precious aesthetic details together with the essential lines of this series of containers of various personalities. Not only sideboards: i like a collection that makes me discover my world. Have a look at Poliform’s range and you’ll find that thestyle you have always dreamt of actually exists. Solid units, classic lines and the impecca- ble elegance ofthe finishes and covers, this is a collection that can reflect your style. Series of sideboards with structure in 32 mat lacquered colours, 16 glossy lacquered colours and spessart oak. Inner frame and drawes structure in quarzo mat lacquer. On request they are available also in the other 31 mat colours of the range. Painted feet in bronze colour.

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Vörunúmer: pol-pandsp

Jean-Marie Massaud

JeanM.jpgGraduated from the ENSCI in 1990, Jean-Marie Massaud has run a quest for synthesis, reduction and lightness since his first intuitions. He has been working all kind of design fields, from furniture to industrial product and equipment. In 2000, he founds Studio Massaud and expands his expertise to architecture and brand development. He collaborates with various brands such as B&B Italia, Axor Hansgrohe, Dior, Poltrona Frau, Lancôme or Renault. Denying trend and fashion, Jean Marie prefers questioning the existing, working out on progress and eventually proposing answers to contemporary stakes. It is this symbiosis between Man, his creations and his natural environment, that Jean Marie Massaud strives to reach, as a catalyst to innovation, as an economic model and as a life project.

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