Aava barstóll

Hannað af Lievore, Altherr, Molina

fyrir Arper
Polypropylene / Steel base
Wood shell / Steel base
Fabric A / Steel base
Fabric B / Steel base
Fabric C / Steel base
Fabric D / Steel base
leður I / Steel 4 base
+ Uppfærsla í Wood base
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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Aava transforms an essential and efficient form to evocative through the texture and warmth of wood. Soft curves yield a contemporary silhouette that is both striking yet sensitive, an adaptive form that can speak or assimilate to any environment. Made for both residential and contract use, Aava’s wooden shell and base are fabricated in a diverse range of materials, colors and finishes. Pre-compound wood skillfully milled in variable thickness and sheathed in veneer to accentuate its sinuous silhouette, its shell is available in a range of materials: birch effect painted black or white, natural birch effect, natural oak color, natural walnut color and beech-wood, upholstered in fabric, leather and faux leather. A front face upholstery choice is offered for the chair, making seamless integration into any design project possible. From the original wooden collection, Aava’s line has expanded to include a new plastic shell in a soft, elegant range of colors lending quiet sophistication to Aava’s fluid lines. Bases include wooden legs and a version with sled or chrome four-legs, available with or without armrests. Chrome four-leg and sled bases versions are stackable for large-scale use and storage. A stool version of Aava is also available in two heights (65 and 75 cm - 25 5/8" and 29 1/2"). A newly engineered stacking protection pad and linking system make Aava ideally suited for both large, dynamic commercial spaces and small impromptu gatherings alike while an additional desk tablet enhances Aava’s functionality. The Aava collection continues to grow with a new stool option for 2016. Available in two heights, Aava’s contemporary silhouette is now available in a wooden base that expresses the warmth of materiality. Compatible with both the polypropylene and wooden shells, the new base is available in natural birch effect, natural oak color, natural walnut color and beech-wood to match the colorways of the wooden shells. Aava can be further specified with polypropylene armrests, seat cushions or frontal upholstery for plastic shells and pads for easy stacking. Visually striking, these textures combine to create an adaptive form sensitive to any environment.
Vörunúmer: arp-3960sp

Lievore, Altherr, Molina

LAM.jpgLievore Altherr Molina var stofnað árið 1991 af hönnunar teyminu Alberto Lievore, Jeanette Altherr og Manel Molina. Frá stofnun hefur stúdíóið einbeitt sér að vöruhönnun, ráðgjöf og listrænni stjórnun mismunandi fyrirtækja. Í gegnum árin hefur teymið verið þekkt fyrir húsgagnahönnun sína, ýmiss verkefni í innanhús hönnun, vöru og pakkninga.

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