RB50 sófi

Hannað af Norbert Beck

fyrir Rolf Benz
212sm / Áklæðisflokkur 11
Áklæðisflokkur 18
Leðurflokkur 36
Leðurflokkur 40
233sm / Áklæðisflokkur 11
Áklæðisflokkur 18
Leðurflokkur 36
Leðurflokkur 40
254sm / Áklæðisflokkur 11
Áklæðisflokkur 18
Leðurflokkur 36
Leðurflokkur 40
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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Rolf Benz 50 is available as an individual, modular or corner sofa in a wide range of formats in over 200 fabrics and over 100 leathers. Its generous, lounge-like shape is the perfect invitation to experience relaxation on a whole new level. Choose between 2 seat heights and 2 seat depths and adapt Rolf Benz 50 to match your personal style with 3 different foot designs (black paint, silver pearlescent paint or shiny chrome). Rolf Benz 50 has an especially comfortable seat structure based on traditional, craftsman-made upholstery techniques that have been developed even further. The highquality strap spring unit with superimposed interactive pocket spring core and high-quality cold foam layer is also covered with a chambered rod fibre mat. This construction produces comfort that is superbly soft and yet still supportive at all times. The back cushioning is tailored precisely to the seat thanks to carefully-positioned clefts in the foam, offering a beautifully harmonised, overall seating comfort. The optionally available back mechanism allows stepless adjustment from the seating to the relaxed position. Thanks to special technology based on a new gas spring, you can move the back rest manually with very little effort to the perfect position for you. The back section extends by up to 12 cm, offering you even greater comfort. The optional functional cushion is available in 2 heights and complements the back function perfectly. It is especially comfortably upholstered and has a steplessly adjustable mechanism that converts it into a highly functional head rest.

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Vörunúmer: rb-rb50sp

Norbert Beck


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