Tape sófi

Hannað af Nendo design

fyrir Minotti
163x78sm h74sm / áklæði G
228x78sm h74sm / áklæði G
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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Signed by the eclectic Japanese studio Nendo, directed by Oki Sato, Tape is a collection of seats with a strong personality, characterised by the light silhouette, and consists of a comprehensive range of models: armchair with and without armrests, lounge armchair, bergère, two and three seater sofa and ottoman. With his distinctive ironic approach, the designer overturns the traditional idea of the support feet that come out of the body of the seat, placing them externally to the structure. Tape owes its name to the couture detail, conceived as a piece of ribbon that holds the Bronze-coloured metal feet. A real tribute by Nendo to the sartorial experience of Minotti. The soft curve of the shell, which designs the armrest and that accommodates the soft back cushion, highlights the pure and enveloping line of the armchair. Customizable in a wide range of leather and fabric coverings, it presents two possible sets of pairings. In one version, the fabric covers the back and the seat cushion, while the shell and the tape detail are in leather of the same colour; in the other, the textile envelops the back, the seat cushion and the entire shell, while the tape detail is in Bronze-coloured saddle-hide. With its firm formal identity and its impeccable proportions, Tape becomes the protagonist of the space that welcomes it, both in residential and hospitality contexts.
Vörunúmer: min-tapesofsp

Nendo design


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