Gas armstóll

Hannað af Jesus Gasca

fyrir Stua
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Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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At STUA, we have been dreaming about the future and we envisioned a chair with fluid lines as light as gas. Every joint, edge and curve is resolved with an uncompromising attention to detail. The frame is made of chromed aluminium, in glossy or matt finish. The seat and back are available in mesh, polypropylene or upholstered in fabric or leather. Gas is a stackable chair, both with or without arms and is a chair for indoor use only. The Gas chair represents a fresh and new interpretation of a timeless form. Gas embodies good design. The task chair shares the same elegant and graceful frame of the Gas armchair with a new exclusive base developed to match the frame design. Always comes with armrests and a polished chrome frame.

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Vörunúmer: stu-gasbsp

Jesus Gasca

jesusgasca.jpgJesús Gasca is the founder and principal designer of STUA, a contemporary furniture company based in the resort town of San Sebastían, Spain. STUA prides itself on producing a limited range of furniture, with each piece exquisitely executed out of the finest materials. The style of the work can be characterised as Scandinavian with a Mediterranean touch. The company’s mission is, “to improve the habitat in which we live, by refining our designs, and using recyclable components and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.” Contemporary pieces of high technology and simple shapes. Always thinking about the function objects have to have, but with shapes that are new and as close to the user as possible. STUA which Gasca founded in the early '80s, has allowed him to develop his own work as a furniture designer. Trained as an engineer, Gasca specialises in technically complex design with attention to detail. Gasca’s recent designs include the Onda stool, Globus Chair, Sapporo Shelving System, Gas Chair and the Deneb Collection. He has also collaborated with Josep Mora to create the classic Egoa chair that won the Innovate Design Melbourne prize in 1988. Gasca has received the most important design awards for the Gas chair. The STUA company has been awarded the National Design Award. The most important recognizion to a design company in Spain. "Good design is not ony about beautiful shapes. It always has to be clever in the solution of funtional questions".

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