Grace armstóll

Hannað af Emmanuel Gallina

fyrir Poliform
Spessart eik / áklæði C
áklæði D
leður P
leður S
leður Y
Hnota / áklæði C
áklæði D
leður P
leður S
leður Y
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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The chair as aesthetic element always in line with the most current trends of living. A declaration of style confirmed by Grace chair by Emmanuel Gallina looking for. Not only chairs: the Poliform complements collection is a global project, which is able to adapt to any lifestyle. Poliform offers original products that can be both welcoming and relaxing, whatever style you are looking for. Base in walnut c. and spessart oak, upholstered seat and back in flexible polyurethane foam, not Removable stretched cover in fabric, eco-leather and leather.

Grace – Bæklingur.pdf

Vörunúmer: pol-gra/asp

Emmanuel Gallina

EmmanuelGallina.jpgTo describe his work as a designer, Emmanuel likes to quote Constantin Brancusi “Simplicity is complexity resolved”. Elegance, clarity and simplicity are key to Emmanuel Gallina’s work. His creative ethic at authenticity and coherence is embodied in every one of his projects. To him, attention to detail is a constant priority in the contours, shapes and functionality of his work. Graduated from E.N.A.D (Limoges) and I.A.V (Orléans), he deepened his knowledge at Milan’s Politecnico obtaining a diploma of Master in design & management. He then collaborated for 7 years with Antonio Citterio in Milan on projects for the most celebrated names of international design. Presently Emmanuel works for his own agency, between Italy, France and now China. His projects with resolutely contemporary international brands like Poliform, Rotaliana, Fast, Eno, Colé, Forestier, Clen, Bamax, Manade, Nodus, Toulemonde Bochart or Covo all share a sense of harmony and simplicity. From 2010, he is consultant for companies on marketing strategy and design identity as art director (Carl Zeiss Vision, Clen, …) . Emmanuel teaches at Milan’s Politecnico, tutors at Domus Academy as well as Ecole d'enseignement supérieur d'art in Bordeaux. He is often solicited for lectures, conferences and workshops in France, Italy, China or Brasil. Awards and competitions: 2012 Label VIA _ Paris (Nouvelle vague for Clen) 2012 Label Observeur du design _ Paris (Nouvelle vague for Clen) 2011 Wallpaper Design Award _ London (Concorde table for Poliform) 2011 WAN furniture design award shortlisted _ Londres (Aikana Outdoor collection for Fast) 2011 Imm Interior award _ Koln (Aikana Outdoor collection for Fast) 2009 Best of Year Award _ New York (Grace chair for Poliform) 2008 ID smartest products Award _ New York 2008 Selected for Young and design competition _ Milan 2007 Selected for Young and design competition _ Milan 2002 Design 21 Unesco award _ New York 2002 First Prize Utopia 1.0 _ Biennale St Etienne

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