Joyce stóll

Hannað af Flexform

fyrir Flexform
52x57sm h83sm/ Super áklæði
Top áklæði
Extra áklæði
Pelle 2 leður
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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The allusions to tradition in the Joyce chair and armchair are clear. Their lines achieve the perfect balance between design and classicism. Distinctive to the Joyce chair is its metal structure that not only supports the shell but becomes an intriguing aesthetic motif that lends personality to the back of the chair. The enveloping contours of the shell are crafted in metal and molded polyurethane, while the metal base comes in an array of  elegant finishes. Equally at home dressed in any of the leathers and fabrics in the extensive Flexform collection, the Joyce armchair and chair upholstery is completely removable.
Vörunúmer: flx-joycedinsp



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