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Hannað af Poul M. Volther

fyrir Kristensen & Kristensen
50sm h78sm / áklæði 1 / askur
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áklæði 3 / askur
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áklæði 2 / eik
áklæði 3 / eik
áklæði 4 / eik
áklæði 5 / eik
leður / eik
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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The visual and physical appearence of the SAKS chair clearly represents all the design values and principals that Poul M. Volther focused on bringing into his designs. With the chair being comfortable, functional, well crafted and visually pleasing, it truly has the potential of becoming a true ‘Danish Design Classic’. The name, SAKS, means scissor in danish and refers to crossing legs and their shape. With the signi cant design and beautifully lines, the SAKS chair will bring character and create a harmonic and pleasing look around the dining table.
Vörunúmer: krk-sakssp

Poul M. Volther

Poul M Volter.jpgPoul M. Volther was a Danish furniture designer who belonged to a generation of designers and architects who pioneered the danish furniture industry, with a renewed focus on high quality materials and craft. Poul M. Volther is above all remembered for his iconic Corona Chair and his work with FDB in creating more affordable designer furniture for the general public. As a true believer in pure functionalism, he avoided short-lived aesthetic trends, concentrating on the simple crafting with quality materials. A vision he also encouraged hundreds of designstudents to aim for, while he were lecturing at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. — Poul M. Volther Furniture designer

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