Wanda stóll

Hannað af Paolo Cattelan

fyrir Cattelan Italia
Nubuck - Micro nubuck
Soft leður
Glove leður
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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The upholstered dining chair Wanda, also available in the stool version, stems from the creativity and stylistic quest of Paolo Cattelan. Wanda combines an unmistakable personality with the comfort that distinguishes a designer armchair of excellent quality. This family of modern stools and chairs displays rounded shapes and fine stitching that enhance the expertly designed lines: every detail is made with the care and precision of Italian manufacturing excellence. Chair with steel frame and covered in fabric, synthetic leather or soft leather as per sample card. The cover is not removable. (Stool version is available).
Vörunúmer: cat-wansp

Paolo Cattelan

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